Hey! I’m Debbie Parkin, and I have been a Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant since the end of October 2012 and it has been a whirlwind ever since! I first started Paparazzi Jewelry to do something for myself. I am a SAHM of four energetic boys and there was absolutely nothing girly in our house! I, myself, even didn’t really care for fashion or make up! I had no shame in going to the grocery store in my black pj pants (because black pants are more “dressy” then my gray ones! 😉 with no make up and my hair up. It brought me down and I felt like I didn’t really have a life of my own and I was very depressed. My husband also works a family business and we both wanted him to find a different venue for income. He hated his job and was getting bored with it. We needed change!
I had tried other home party businesses. I did well in a few but it was so competitive and it seemed like everyone and their dog was a part of the same businesses. So my husband, Ty, and I kept our eyes open for another home party business we could join. We love to brainstorm together, especially during long car trips. So one car trip I mentioned Paparazzi Accessories. I had never been to a Paparazzi Jewelry Party and I wasn’t really into jewelry. I just saw a couple of cars at my boys school with a Paparazzi sticker on the windshield. We looked into it some more and felt it was the right way to go.
What won us over were the great commissions consultants earn from the start! 45% commissions is A LOT more then what all the other home party businesses offer! We also loved the fact that Paparazzi has fewer restrictions on where and how you can sell your jewelry. We love that we can sell and promote our own Paparazzi Accessories website and also have a Face Book page that we can sell on as well.
We signed up hoping for the best. Me, being the depressed, low self esteem person I was, thought that it was going to be bust. I thought it would fizzle out like so many of the businesses we tried before. Boy, was I SURPRISED!!! The jewelry and accessories sell themselves! People WANT to buy your product! And at only $5 a piece, just about everyone can afford a piece or two to make themselves feel beautiful! My team has grown at a fast pace. And those that I have personally sponsored have gone on to create their own teams! This is such a great and exciting opportunity!
Because of Paparazzi Accessories I am more confident in myself. Putting on a pretty necklace or earrings really does a lot to ones confidence and self image! I love seeing my team succeed. It makes me believe in myself. To see me help others reach their goals and dreams are incredible! I know it’s scary and a little intimidating to jump into a business. But I tell those who are hesitant that I am here for them every step of the way! I know what it takes to succeed with Paparazzi Accessories and I love sharing my knowledge with those on my team.
If you are ready to join visit my Leaders page www.debsdazzlingdivas.com/paparazzi-consultants/ and join with a proven leader.  Still need to research some more about Paparazzi Accessories?  Visit my main site www.DebsJewelryShop.com for many resources!