I came into Paparazzi with a mindset of just wanting to make some extra money. Little did I know that this opportunity would change my life! Paparazzi stretches and challenges not only your business but yourself. And in the end you not only end up being a better person but your business will be better also.

Paparazzi offers many incentives and contests. You can either take these in stride or use these incentives to strengthen your Paparazzi business. I take the latter one! I want to be one of the top consultants from the 20,000+ that are working toward the same goal. And, for the most part, I have succeeded!

Listed below are the accomplishments I worked hard for!

October 22, 2012 – I became a Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant!

December 2012 – Became a Director!

February 2013 – Hit the rank of Producer!

August 2013 – Became a Crown 25 Club Member. I was 1 of the 5 in the whole company, alongside some of the top consultants!


Zi Collection Model at the 2013 Convention – I got to strut what my mama gave me on the stage at convention!

Dine with the Elite – I won the opportunity to have dinner with the founders and top consultants. Changed my life and the way I look at this company!

Fall for Free Jewelry – Contest about who can get the most recruits. I came in second place with 29 recruits that month!

Paparazzi Passport Vacation – Based on a point system, the consultant with the highest points gets a room upgrade on the company trips cruise, excursions, and airfare! I WON FIRST PLACE!!!!

December 2013 – Advanced to the Elite by hitting Executive Producer!

December 2013 – Became a member of the Crown Club 50! 50 personally sponsored consultants were active for 3 consecutive months!