(aka DDD) is a Paparazzi Jewelry site that is different from all the other Paparazzi sites.

DDD is about a growing, high-performance Paparazzi Jewelry team. DDD is lead by the Debbie Parkin and her husband, Ty. They believe that by teaching and helping their own team members build their own teams, anyone and everyone will find success with Paparazzi Jewelry. They are devoted to helping their team members find this success. This is why they created Debbie’s Dazzling Divas.

Here at DDD you will find Paparazzi Jewelry Consultants that are on Debbie’s Dazzling Divas team. But in order for them to be a featured consultant here, they have to prove that they are really devoted and are hard workers.  Debbie and Ty don’t want to promote those that are not “leader” material. So they reward those that have proven they have what it takes to run and train a team.

When you join under a leader on our “consultant page” , you will become a part of a fast growing and succeeding team. You will have the ability to have unlimited resources at your fingertips. You are not in this journey alone! You have the support of a whole team!

In order to be featured they have to meet a certain requirement. This requirement is to reach the “Director’s” status. This means that they have started building their own team by getting 3 new consultants on their own team by their own hard work. This is a big step in the Paparazzi Accessories Compensation Plan. From there they can get featured here to help them continue to progress through the Paparazzi Accessories company.

So when you join with a Proven Leader on our Team Dazzling Diva’s you are not only getting a proven leader to guide you through your Paparazzi Jewelry business, but you are also getting Debbie and Ty. They are really devoted to their growing Paparazzi Jewelry team! They are there for you. You get double the support and training when you sign up with one of DDD’s Consultants. And that is the key to success. You need to have a strong Up-Line that knows the company and what it takes to make it!

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Paparazzi Consultant leader


So you are thinking about joining Paparazzi Jewelry?  You have found the right place!  First let me introduce myself.  I’m Debbie Parkin, I joined Paparazzi Accessories in October ’12.  I have been very successful with the company so far and have built myself a large team in a very short time.  Since I already have a large team I have started to really focus on helping those on my team do the same!  Which is the reason for!  I take proven leaders from my team and include them on this site!  My husband (Ty) and I spend a lot of time and money promoting this site so we can help our recruits grow their own team!

What are you waiting for?  Join the Dazzling Diva’s team and lets build this together!

Our leaders will help you achieve success!