Jessica Bishop

Executive Director

Hello everyone!!

My name is Jessica Bishop and I have been a Paparazzi Consultant for about a year now and boy has my life changed.  I’m married to a wonderful supportive man and a step mom of a 16 year old young man, I also have a little doggy named Molly that is the love of my life. I’m the kind of person that is good at many things but never great at just one. I have always searched for that one job that not only rewarded me financially but more importantly person satisfaction.  After a friend told me about Paparazzi, I then had a basket party at work.  After seeing all the coworkers’ happy reactions, I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of. So long story short. Since I signed up I have an amazing team of 40 people and just hit Premier Director. I have been able to quit my full time job at the bank and just focus on Paparazzi and my team!  I finally feel like I belong. I know that Paparazzi was meant for me. The friendships and success’s I have had are too many to count. I never thought I would truly LOVE what I do. The most rewarding thing for me is the product I sell is affordable to anyone! Trust me an accessory can change someone’s entire mood and help self-esteem. I have seen it time and time again. Paparazzi has changed not only my life but it has changed ME!! 

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