Lisa Cranfield


Hello my name is Lisa Cranfield, I live in the great state of Tennessee, where God’s beauty has no bounds. I first seen Paparazzi in the spring of 2014 at a festival that my husband Michael and I were working at. ( He owns a Kettle Corn business ) I was instantly taken by the accessories. I have always had a love for inexpensive “ Yard Sale” jewelry. So the price and the style instantly caught my attention. I began researching Paparazzi on the internet, reviews, pro’s, con’s etc;. I wasn’t sure this business was for me. I’ve never been a Sales person so to speak. I met Debbie Parkin via the internet and she took me under her wing BEFORE I signed up. She answered all my questions, we discussed the accessories, the company and the opportunity that was available for me. So, on August 23, 2014 I the $99.00 starter kit. I received my kit on a Friday and I was completely sold out by Monday. I fell in love with the business and the accessories. I hit the ground running, and in 28 days I became a Director. I have enjoyed every aspect of having a Paparazzi business. The accessories are affordable therefor everyone can afford to look great. I am amazed at the difference accessories can make to an ordinary outfit of jeans and a t shirt. I wear my Paparazzi everyday, my favorite is the hippie headbands !!!!! I look forward to each new day and what it has to offer. I love meeting all the new people, I love the excitement people have when shopping at parties, I love the time I get to spend coaching my team members to excel in their Paparazzi Journey. I love all the interaction on my Facebook page Blitzy Baubles, with all my friends and family. I love posting pictures of new inventory and having it sold in 5 minutes. I look forward to my future success with Paparazzi and where the road of #5dollarBling takes me. The Paparazzi Life is defiantly for me !!!!!

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