Have you ever gone to a big Department Store and have envied all the beautiful jewelry pieces? Have you envied the prices of those jewelry pieces? I think NOT!!! What if I told you that there was a way to get that same high-fashion, trendy jewelry and accessories for a fraction of the price?. Sound too good to be true?! Well, it’s NOT!!! That’s what Paparazzi Accessories offers everyday for the low price of $5! You read it write, folks! EVERYTHING is only $5!!!

But Paparazzi Accessories isn’t just about jewelry and accessories. Paparazzi is about CHANGE! Changing the way people look, changing the way they feel, and also changing peoples lives and future. How can a simple $5 jewelry direct-selling company cause that much change? Let me explain further.

Sure, Paparazzi is fun. It’s a party-based business so it is centered on having a great time! Make money while you party! But what’s deeper is that Paparazzi Jewelry believes that by offering trendy and affordable jewelry, it can change women everywhere. Having the opportunity to have every woman be able to afford these beautiful pieces offers them more then just a pretty necklace or ring. It offers them a chance to gain self-confidence. Wearing a dazzling necklace or rockin’ some awesome earrings gives you a feeling of confidence in the way you feel about yourself. You feel cute and pretty and it doesn’t have to come with a pricey price tag. With everything $5, you have the chance to afford to get many pieces. If there’s a new look you want to try out, go for it! Where else can you try new fashions and new statements for only $5!

I believe that each Independent Paparazzi Consultant on my team and that is featured on this site shares these same feelings. We each strive to reach out to women and offer these great products and great opportunity. We love the pieces and we love what Paparazzi Accessories has done in our lives.  Visit our consultant page debsdazzlingdivas.com/paparazzi-consultants/ to read up on some of our Proven leaders and find someone on my team to join under and have access to them and ME! 🙂