Dazzling Divas Is A Fast Growing Team!

Team Dazzling Divas is a Fast Growing Team!  Between Debbie and her other Paparazzi Consultant Leaders they were able to add 23 Divas to the team in May!  Paparazzi Accessories is still fairly young in direct sales and it is still a great time to join!  Debbie and the other leaders here would love to help you with your Paparazzi Jewelry Business!

In addition to AmAzInG growth last month Debbie also won the “Dine with the Elite Dinner” contest in May and the Zi Collection Runway Contest in April!!!  Debbie Parkin is a successful Paparazzi Consultant Leader and she is training all those on her team to be the same!  Want to Join her elite team?  Click the “Become a Consultant now”  Button and be paired with a winning Dazzling Diva Leader!


Dine with the elite

Debbie Wins Zi Runway