Deanna Burdette Success Story as a New Paparazzi Consultant!

I joined paparazzi toward the end of April. I have only had my kit for 2.5 weeks. At my first home party I made $155! Then I did a small church event this past Saturday and made $80. As I was paying for my daughters gymnastics class yesterday the girl said I love your jewelry! I said “Thank you! It’s Paparazzi, it’s only $5, and I sell it. I actually have some in the car” she told me to bring it in an bought $15 worth and wants me to bring more next week and also set up at their demonstration days the end of may. Also in this short time I already had my first team member to sign on! I am LOVING Paparazzi and can not wait to see where it takes me! 🙂

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