Jennifer Mantz Paparazzi Jewelry Success Story!

I 2008 with the market crash, I lost my job and have been unemployed and seeking ever since. Being unemployed for that long can really tear away at your soul. And then in 2010 I found myself in the middle of a bitter divorce that I honestly did not see coming.  My self esteem was completely destroyed. I had no desire to take care of myself, I was severely depressed and did not know what I would do. Friends, family, and my church stepped in, helped me to pick myself up and helped me to move closer to family for a fresh start. Unfortunately, the economy was not cooperating with my desire to find gainful employment, so I returned to school to learn a new vocation. Over time I realized that the field I was studying in school was not making me happy and that upon graduation the job market for my field of study was so over saturated that I would find it nearly impossible to find work. I dabbled a bit with a new direct marketing company and found that it was too difficult to sell because the product was very overpriced for my circle of friends. In August of 2012 I got remarried. My lack of employment put a huge strain on us from the very start. We were struggling to stay above water. There were months that we could not buy a gallon of gas just to go to job interviews without the help of friends and our church. We were desperate.

In February I bumped into Paparazzi Jewelry quite by accident. From February thru March I did a lot of research on the company. It was different than anything I had tried before, and I have tried MANY home businesses and direct sales ventures. I really wanted to join but literally did not have 2 pennies to rub together. A small windfall of money allowed me and my husband to sit and discuss seriously whether joining Paparazzi was even an option. An honest look at things and a long discussion and prayer lead us to realize that even if we used that money to pay a bill or to “buy something smart” that the money was not enough to even make a dent in our dire situation. So, we took the leap and on March 15, 2013 I joined Paparazzi Jewelry as an independent consultant. I had nothing left to lose. I ordered the $300 business building kit, started preparing for a launch party at my own home, and started telling my friends about it. Before I even got my kit in the mail, I had 4 friends who wanted to buy from me and one of them even booked a hostess party! With the lack of money to do much in the way of displays and business cards, I hung my jewelry from dental floss draped along my wall and printed my own business cards. I panicked when I woke up on the morning of my launch party and the weather man was predicting a blizzard. With the recommendation of another Paparazzi consultant, I quickly converted my launch party over to a Facebook/online style party. So even on a day that the town shut down and we got 13 inches of snow in 2 hours, I sold 58 necklaces! I ordered more inventory and immediately rescheduled my home party from which I sold an additional 49 accessories and booked 2 parties! In just 2 parties I got my initial investment back! Within my first month I had signed up my first consultant and had completely replaced my husband’s paycheck with all the jewelry I sold! Since my second party I am now operating my business at a profit level, signed more consultants, built an online website and store, and have started looking at my options for opening my own boutique! With every party I am able to nearly double my inventory and I book more parties. Every morning I wake up and say “WOW! This is gonna work!” I have gone from unemployed and depressed to owning my own successful business and loving life in just 2 short months!  Since starting this adventure with Paparazzi Jewelry, my husband has become super excited and is starting to dream again! We are now talking about all the things that jewelry is going to pay for! It is so fun to think about how far we can take this. I have so much fun selling Paparazzi. I make new friends, rekindle old friendships, I feel like I am getting my self-esteem back. I get to make women feel good about themselves. I feel at home and that I have found my calling and my dream career. Paparazzi is doing more for me than just supplying an income, it is giving me my life back again. I hope to someday be able to sell Paparazzi full-time and I hope to one day tell my sweet husband that he can work as a hobby and not because he has to.

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I LOVE THIS COMPANY and you will too!
Jennifer Mantz