Susann Kreitzer Paparazzi Success Story!

After seeing a friend in another state posting all these cute things about $5 accessories for a couple of weeks I decided to contact her via FB and ask her what it was.  I had NO clue.  Hadn’t ever heard of Paparazzi and figured that it had to be cheap stuff.  She asked if I wanted to host a basket party.  I agreed. When the basket arrived I was astounded at the variety and quality.  By the time the party rolled around, I had signed on as a consultant near the end of April.  As a mom with 4 kids and 2 jobs facing burnout, this has provided me a much needed outlet for creativity and a great way to make a little cash and see where it takes me.

My first open house was a smashing success.  I cleared nearly $250 in sales from 15 guests.  From that show I have bookings for a basket party at a large telecommunications company, a home party and have been invited to place Paparazzi in our local visitor center. Last night one of the teachers at our school here in town invited me to do a basket party in her room.  I also have booked a basket party with a possible future consultant in another town. I received an order yesterday and have already sold $80.00 just from word of mouth advertising.  Considering our town only has 326 people I would have to say things are getting off to a great start!

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